Heat Shrinkable Sleeve for Plastic Drainage Pipeline

                                        • Heat Shrinkable Sleeve

                                          Heat shrinkable sleeve is commonly known as dead sleeve or round barrel sleeve, the inner layer of the heat shrinkable sleeve is a hot melt adhesive layer of high adhesion, and the outer layer is make of irradiation cross-linked PE substrates. Currently, the heat shrinkable sleeve is widely used for connection and sealing of plastic drainage pipes and plastic manholes.

                                        • Heat Shrinkable Tape

                                          Performance Features: Quick shrink, good water resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, easy to transport and convenient for construction.

                                        • Anti Corrosion Heat Shrink Sleeve For Oil Pipeline

                                          This product is manufactured by extruding a fiber-reinforced composite PE sheet into a substrate, and then compositing the substrate with imported hot melt adhesive after secondary processing by radiation cross-linking. The product is provided with the advantages of quick construction, high adhesive strength, quick heat shrink, good sealing effect and so on. The general thickness is 1.2 to 2.5mm, the tensile strength is generally about 15Mpa, the peel strength is higher than 70N/CM, and the sealing effect is good.