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                                        Find the right person, to arrange a suitable job;

                                        TSD, with an open mind, talented persons. The right people to the right jobs; maximize each person's expertise to provide a broad development stage for every employee. In TSD, you get not only to enhance the capacity, but also to enhance their value and competitiveness.

                                        Wide sea diving, sky high the birds to fly. Is the eagle, of course, to soar; Rose, it should be in full bloom. We are confident that you can move the earth's leverage, and we are willing to do you a solid fulcrum.

                                        How much heart, the stage is as big; TSD, warm welcome candidates to join!

                                        Join us in two ways:

                                        First, contact the office by phone this website;   

                                        Second, if there is no suitable position, please send your resume to the email into the talent pool, once a suitable job, we will contact you as soon as possible.

                                        Choose us, choose success! Act now!